The Old Testament is the holy book for the Jews. If Christians and Jews disagree on interpretations, aren’t the Jews probably right?

Answer: These quotes are taken from the Tanakh. This is the holy book of the Jews printed by the Jewish Publication Society of Philadelphia (2003).

Isaiah 6:8-11
Then I heard the voice of my Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” and He said, “Go say to the people: ” ‘Hear indeed but do not understand; see, indeed, but do not grasp.’ Dull that people’s mind, stop its ears, and seal its eyes-Lest seeing with its eyes and hearing with its ears, it also grasp with its mind and repent to save itself. I asked, “How long, my Lord?” And he replied: “Till towns lie waste without inhabitants and houses without people, and the ground lies waste and desolate

Isaiah 8:13-15
None but the Lord of hosts shall you account holy; give reverence to him alone, hold Him alone in awe. He shall be for a sanctuary, a stone men strike against: A rock men stumble over for the two houses of Israel, and a trap and a snare for those who dwell in Jerusalem. The masses shall trip over these and shall fall and be injured, shall be snared and be caught.

Psalms 118:21-23
I praise You, for You have answered me, and have become my deliverance. The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our sight.

Isaiah 29:10-14
10 For the Lord has spread over you a spirit of deep sleep, and has shut your eyes, the prophets, and covered your heads, the seers; 11 so that all prophecy has been to you like the words of a sealed document. If it is handed to one who can read and he is asked to read it, he will say, “I can’t because it is sealed”; 12 and if the document is handed to one who cannot read and he is asked to read it, he will say, “I can’t read.” 13 My Lord said: Because that people has approached [Me] with its mouth and honored Me with its lips, but has kept its heart far from me, and its worship of Me has been a commandment of men, learned by rote – 14 Truly, I shall further baffle that people with bafflement upon bafflement; and the wisdom of its wise shall fail, and the prudence of its prudent shall vanish.

The verses above, straight from the Jewish holy book, state that the People (The Jews are the people for whom the Old testament was written) will be blind and deaf. These verses say that the Stone will be rejected by the builders (again, the Jews) and that this stone will become the chief cornerstone. Christians state that the stone referred to in Psalms 118 is Jesus. I will refer to this in other parts of this website. Based on the prophecies above, the prophecies of God will not be interpreted correctly by the Jews, they will stumble against the stone and will reject it. For these reasons, I think that Christian interpretation of prophecy is considerably better than Jewish interpretation.